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Holy Ghost Rally at Chinadega


We’ve just returned to the hotel from Chinadega, where the YOM team participated in a Holy Ghost Rally. When we arrived, the local church surprised us all by having rented an outside location to hold service in. It was a large service with around 300 people in attendance. We had worship service and the local church youth group ministered with a drama. After that, a few of the YOMers testified: Justin Lee, Rachel Adams, and Rachel Niffen. The YOM Choir then sang 2 songs in Spanish. The Holy Ghost moved during the second song and prayer and worship ensued. The aftermath:  17 received the Holy Ghost for the first time (one of which was our own bus driver) and many received a great blessing. A side note – because the service was held in a rough part of town, the local church hired federal police to escort the YOM team in and out of the area.

After service, we enjoyed dinner at a restaurant called “Rosti Pollo”. It was a delicious meal of roasted chicken and other side dishes. We then hit the road once again, taking a 3 hour trip back to Managua to get some rest for the night. We have service tomorrow morning and evening. Thank you for your prayers and blog comments!

Photos from tonight’s service can be viewed at

  1. Rhonda Williams

    I just finished reading this and looking at all the pictures. I don’t want the pictures to end each time because I can see what an incredible work that God is doing with everyone in Nicaragua! May God continue to use and bless each one of you.

  2. Wow Rachel, I miss you so much…I just got home from morning service and when I left my class I looked all over for you…I cried when I realized you wern’t there…lol. Luv ya sis! ~Ash~

  3. WOW! God be Praised for what He is doing in Nicaragua. What a mighty move of God! I was touched just by seeing the pictures of God blessing and using each of you. May God continue to bless and use each of you in a mighty why.

  4. Grm, Aunt, & Sis Darla

    HIT’s, You guys are making me proud. In the pics I see the burden in you as you worship and pray for others. And the reports are a blessing just to read. Can’t wait to hear your personal testimonies about the trip and the experiences you’re having. Looks like you’re with a terrific bunch!

  5. Dear Tyler
    I have missed you so much! Your pictures look like you are having lots of fun. Hope you made lots of friends.

    Love Hannah

  6. God Bless you all Amanda I want to hear about it when you get home; Love Ya Aunt Brenda from Ok.

  7. Marsha Stammer

    Darrah, Wes & Emily! I miss you so much Darrah but what a wonderful trip you are having and spreading God’s word. I love looking at the pictures and seeing you all smiling.
    Continue to be safe, EAT your veggies and see you soon.
    Love, Marsha

  8. Carolyn Payne

    I know who to call on to paint my kitchen.I,m glad to see the Lord is moving.Let GOD use you.all. Emily are you eating?lol LOve ya all cant wait to hear all that GOD has done. LOVE MOM

  9. Mom & Dad Mendenhall

    Everything is good and we miss you. Your hubby was in the alter tonight and prayerd thru!!! And Miss Jay also was “speaking in tounges” on Nancy’s lap!!! How cute is that. Your dad says he wants his post card BEFORE you get home. If your not home by Weds your kids will be in front of Wal Mart with a sign on them!
    Love,Mom, Dad, and YOUR KIDS!!!

  10. Hey Ty

    It looks like you all are having a great time. I am so glad you got the chance to go. It will be a great learning experience. I can wait for you get home so I can hear all about it.
    I miss ya bud
    Brian Miller

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