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Market & Youth Services at Sydney and Michinbury

So today was the day of souvenir shopping. We excitedly entered into the maze of Ugg boots, boomerangs, didgeridoos, t-shirts, and plush kangaroos, and probably didn’t fully know what we were getting ourselves into. But now we’ll have more to load up into our suitcases to bring home!

After that, we visited Bondi Beach, a famous beach that, during the summer, so many people fill that you can barely see the sand. Luckily, since it’s winter here, we got to walk around on it and enjoy the ocean one more time. Then our crew went on up to what the locals call The Gap, two rock landings that jut out from Sydney Harbor. This Gap has been the sight of [thousands?] of suicides over the years, mostly young people who feel like it’s not worth it to go on. But a man by the name of Don Ritchie lived across the street from this ledge, and for years, he would watch for distressed-looking young people, and if he saw them, he would approach with his hands up (to signify that he meant no harm), and he would talk them out of jumping off the ledge to have a cup of tea with him. His family says that he helped save the lives of over four hundred young people, simply by kindness.
There are still suicides there today, but not nearly as many. Before we left, we stood and prayed for a spirit of peace to reign in that place, so that young people would no longer run there in desperation to put a premature end to life.

For the services tonight, our troops split up into two groups. Some of the group with Bro. Levine (Natalie Berry, Alexia Crabtree, and Josh Singleton) brought the Word about the Body of Christ, abiding in Christ, and going deeper in your walk with God. The altar was full and the Spirit was thick in that place. Others went with Bro. Dustin and Sis. Seneatha to Michinbury and several YOMers preached “fiery fives” – Sharayah Smith, Blake Roberts, Janae Ray, and Erica Littles. Two young ladies in Michinbury made decisions to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ! We’re thankful for what God is doing in our lives and the lives of those we are with for the week!

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  1. I am glad to see such wonderful work of God you all do , to touch the hearts of Others.. God Bless from all of are Youth Group of the United Pentecostal of Enid Ok.

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