Change Your World

MO-YOM Austria Day 4

Today’s morning devotion was led by Olivia Najera.  She spoke to us about being a chosen generation, set apart for a time such as this.  She drew heavily from the story of Esther, and taught about finding our strength in the Lord.  As always, devotion was closed out in prayer, and the days events began.

Today, we took part in more street evangelism.  We were split into small groups and sent out to reach as many homes as possible.  A couple occupants allowed us to pray for them as we came through.   It was a very impactful experience to see the YOMer’s so ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make a difference.

After Evangelism, we ate lunch, then made our way back to the hotel to get ready for our first church service in Vienna; a service led by the youth, for the youth.  Before service, we joined in prayer with the members of the youth group and could feel the spirit of God filling the room.

The service began with lively worship as some of the YOMer’s led in song.  When we returned to our seats, Anna Drebes started us off with a sermon on uprooting the things in our life that need to be removed in order to grow.  She gave a simple and moving talk on learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to move forward in our individual walks.

Next was Shawn Collins.  He spoke on a very similar topic, falling right in line with Anna’s.  He preached on it being “Time to Step Out” of the comfort zones we have made for ourselves in order to full fill God’s will for our lives.  At the closing of his sermon, God moved through the church and an early altar call was made.  We prayed, wept, and danced together was God touched our lives.

Today was incredible, and tonight we experienced a service none of us will forget.  As the week moves on, the group continues to grow closer as we witness a sight not many will ever get to see first hand.  This week has truly been unforgettable.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.