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MO-YOM has landed – in Nicaragua!

Coming to you from the Holiday Inn Select in Managua, Nicaragua! Already today we’ve been in Miami, landed in Managua (the capitol city of Nicaragua), driven through the city, met Missionary Steve Nix and the Long family (AIMers to the country of Nicaragua), and eaten lunch at “Dona Haydee Restuarant”, a restaurant that served us a typical Nicaraguan meal. Then, we got our currency exchanged for Nicaraguan cordobas and went shopping at the local supermarket for snacks and water. We just checked into our rooms at the hotel in Managua.


Everything is going as smoothly as possible, and all 32 of us are doing very well. Tonight we’re going to the Nix’s home for dinner, fellowship, orientation, and music/drama practice. I’ll be posting some more about tonight’s activities after we return to the hotel later.


Thanks for your prayers! Keep checking back often; photos will be posted later tonight!