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The market in Nicaragua!

YOM 2009 is going great in Managua, Nicaragua! Today we spent the morning at the marketplace buying souvineers and meeting local Nicaraguans. You’ll have to wait see what all we picked up when we get back to St. Louis!We ate lunch at a restaurant at the mall called “Taconcento” –  a meal of soup, beef tacos, and strawberry chimichangas. Everyone enjoyed yet another GREAT meal!In moments we will board the bus and leave to go to Juigalpa for a Youth Rally service. We have been in prayer for this service and God is going to do a great work at our first service in Nicaragua! There will be MUCH more to come later tonight, after we get back to the hotel. It will be a late night, as the trip to Juigalpa will take at least 2 hours each way.Keep us in your prayers! Check back later tonight. Photos from this morning are already posted; go to the same place as last night to see them all!