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The market in Nicaragua!

YOM 2009 is going great in Managua, Nicaragua! Today we spent the morning at the marketplace buying souvineers and meeting local Nicaraguans. You’ll have to wait see what all we picked up when we get back to St. Louis!

We ate lunch at a restaurant at the mall called “Taconcento” –  a meal of soup, beef tacos, and strawberry chimichangas. Everyone enjoyed yet another GREAT meal!

In moments we will board the bus and leave to go to Juigalpa for a Youth Rally service. We have been in prayer for this service and God is going to do a great work at our first service in Nicaragua! There will be MUCH more to come later tonight, after we get back to the hotel. It will be a late night, as the trip to Juigalpa will take at least 2 hours each way.

Keep us in your prayers! Check back later tonight. Photos from this morning are already posted; go to the same place as last night to see them all!

  1. Daniel Turnbull

    Dustin, you are doing an awesome job keeping us updated! We love seeing all the photos. We are praying for you all, have a mighty move of God at youth service tonight. We are proud of our MO Youth YOMers
    -Daniel & Brittany Turnbull; Section 2

  2. Michelle Crider

    Hey girl,

    Just wanted to drop in and tell ya I miss ya and hope your having a great time!!!

  3. Madison Martin

    Hey all my fellow YOMers… Bro. Levine, Amanda, Dustin, Seneatha, Emmy and Stephanie… and my new Yomer friends… Ceci, Tyler, and Brooke… and to the rest of yall, hope you all are having an amazing time there!! These YOM trips are an awesome way to let God work in so many ways and meet so many new people!!! Wish I was there with yall!! Love ya guys!!

  4. Hey guys keep up the good work we are proud of you all. Wish we could be there with you guys. Dustin I know you are working hard to keep us updated thank you for that. Take good care of Seneatha we cant make it without her back here.

  5. Strawberry chimichangas!!! How cool is that! Seneatha, are you bringing your momma home one of those?

    Love you and miss you!

  6. Thanks for all the updates…continue to praying for all of you! MO YOUTH ARE THE BEST!!!

  7. Hey rach,
    Just wanted to say I hope your having fun in Nicaragua. I am praying for all of you there! Be safe! oh ya and be sure to pray that God uses you while your there and lets you know if he is calling you to the mission field just as you feel! love ya!!!! ~Ash~

  8. Rach, wanted to let you know we miss u and hope you are having a great time. Oh sent you an email. Everyone says hi and that they miss your smile. Praying for you.

  9. Rach, wanted to let you know we miss u and hope you are having a great time. Oh sent you an email. Everyone says hi and that they miss your smile. Praying for you!

  10. Braxton, We are praying for you, and everyone that is on this YOM trip. So what did you say while you were on the bus??? May God continue you use and change you… Love, Valerie and Jeffery

  11. Rach,
    I see you made it. Hope your having a good time. Everyone at church says hi. Oh if you can check your email. Praying for you.

  12. to all my fellow YOMERS

    Seneatha, Emily, Stephani, Garrett, Amanda, Dustin, and Bro. Luke, (anyone else i forgot)

    Just wanted to say hi and I hope u all are having an amazing time. I will continue to follow up on whats goin on over there and keep yall in my prayers.


  13. hope you are having fun …….love you and miss you

  14. Liz Birkenmaier

    Tyler, we miss you, are praying for you & hope you are having a wonderful time! This is a trip of a life time & I am so jealous & proud at the same time!

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