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YOMers paint a church & swim in Pacific Ocean

What a full day we’ve had today in Nicaragua!We left the hotel at 8:30am for a town “La Concepion” where the YOM team painted a newly-dedicated church building. The YOMers applied a base coat to the concrete walls, and after it dried they applied the yellow-colored paint. The church looked great inside and out! After about 3.5 hours of painting and clean-up, we had a delicious lunch of grilled chicken, rice, and platano chips with the local church group (which they provided). Later in the trip we will be having church service in this very same church building in La Concepion.  The pastor was overjoyed at the quick work our YOMers did!Since we finished painting early, after lunch, the YOMers hopped on the bus once again – this time heading to the Pacific Ocean! We visited a secluded beach and the only people there were the YOMers and a few Nicaraguan children. It was about a 1.5 hour drive there, but it was completely worth it! For most, it was their first time in the Pacific Ocean, and for many it was their very first experience with any ocean. Everyone had a blast riding the waves and swimming around enjoying the beautiful scenery.  It was a completely incredible experience!After watching a breathtaking sunset, we left the beach at about 7pm and headed to dinner in Managua. We enjoyed dinner at a restaurant where we ate beef and pork steaks with rice and beans. Just before we left the restuarant, the YOM team presented the Missionary family and AIM family with gifts of foods and products from the U.S. that they cannot purchase anywhere in Nicaragua.  They were so thrilled.  They were totally shocked at the amount of gifts the YOMers brought.  It was very cool to see.We’ve just arrived back at our hotel for the night, resting up for a morning tomorrow that will include baseball, volleyball and a day at the park with the youth from local churches.  Then we have a 3 hour drive for another church service.New photos from today can be viewed at