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Youth Rally in Juigalpa

We just rolled back into our hotel in Managua from a tremendous Youth Rally in Juigalpa, Nicaragua! It was about a 2.5 hour trip there. Once we were in service, 4 YOMers shared their personal testitmony and words of encouragement with the local church:  Drake, Haley, Blake, and Amberea. Then, the YOM Sign Team, led by Amanda Tate, ministered in sign langauge to the song “Lord You Are Good”. When the YOM Sign Team finished their song, the people of the local church were chanting for more! The YOM Choir then ministered in song with “More Love, More Power” and “When the Spirit of Lord Comes Upon My Heart” – in Spanish!

The YOM Team also preached tonight, with Dustin Williams, Cici Thornton, and Randall Lee each speaking for about 10 minutes (through the interpretation of Missionary Steve Nix). The Spirit of God continued to move as people began to crowd around the altar. The official report from the Youth Rally in Juigalpa, Nicaragua – 6 received the Holy Ghost for the first time, 22 claim miraculous healing, and many others responded to the Word of God through worship, praise, and prayer.

After service the group was served a catered dinner of grilled chicken, rice, potatoes, cooked bananas, and flan. We had a wonderful time getting to know the local pastors (there are 3 apostolic churches in Juigalpa) and enjoying another great meal.

Everyone has gone to bed for the night; we have an early morning tomorrow! We will be painting the interior of a newly dedicated church tomorrow morning.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and encouraging comments you’ve left on the blog. All of today and tonight’s photos are posted at

  1. Big Shout Out to all the MOYOMers!!!!!! Thank u so much for following the will of God in your lives… what an honor! Continue to be sensitive to His plan for ur life, and answer His call!!!…

    So proud of all of u!!! U Guys and Ladies, truly ROCK!!!!!

    Love ya…
    Peace & Chicken Grease


  2. Bro & Sis Crider

    Felisha, Emily, The Stricklands, Stephanie,

    What a great adventure you all have taken in life!! We (Hermann) are so proud of you all. We know God is going to use each and everyone of you and each of you will have a story to tell!! How awsome is that, that you are a part of a great work in another country!!
    I do feel for the group having to “put up” with WES STRICKLAND, but you all know you have to take the bad with the good sometimes and this is the “bad” (hehe, love ya Wessie)

  3. Rebecca Johnson

    I am so proud of you guys and most of all you are pleasing the Lord! I wish we could be there soooooo bad! My heart is with you all!

    Much love & prayers,
    Sis. Becca

  4. Hey YOMers! Hope yall are having an awsome time in nicaragua! continue to shine gods light and stand out! yall are the best!

    god bless,
    kaitlin & scott smith

  5. Pastor Chris Thornton

    Greetings, Bro. Levine, Bro. Nix and the church of Nicaragua and to all our own Missouri YOM missionaries!!!

    We are excited about what God is doing through the young people of the Missouri District this week in Latin America!! How exciting it is, to see you involved in worship and ministry and being exposed to the body of Christ in a beautiful part of our world….Thanks for the blog, it has been a blessing for the Thornton household staying connected to one of our most cherished members; We love you Ce…. Have a great time, Work on the Spanish, see you next week!!!

    Buenos diaz,
    Love my girl…

  6. Kevin and Jill Fierge

    Drake, Haley, and Kristin:
    Looked like a great time at church. So proud of you all. We were thrilled to see you all involved. Pastor (and Dad to Drake) thinks the food looks delicious. Hope you all are having fun! Drake, I’m working to finish up your column for this week. I need (if possible) for you to check your email and add stuff (from your trip) before I send to editor. Thanks! (Mom) We love you all!

  7. Grm, Aunt, & Sis Darla

    HIT’s–You’re doing good!!! Love ya’s. Drake & Halley impressed with the “testimonies” Love

  8. Praise the LORD,

    What a beautiful country and majestic presence you all are experiencing! I enjoy looking through the pictures and reading about the miraculous moves of God! Thank you so much Dustin, for your diligence in keeping us back here in North America informed! lol! God bless you all! Cees- I’m so blessed to hear that you spoke at the service, I wasn’t there, but I KNOW God used you! I love you all! Keep letting God use you!

    Much love and PRAYERS,

    Haleigh Hohman

  9. Thanks for the pics and what a miraculous move of God you had! Our prayers are with you and continue to be senistive to the moving of God. OH and wish my little girl (Rachel Dawn) a big HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY. Mom and Dad are very proud of you. Love you.

  10. Awesome report! We’re so excited that you all were able to be there & be a part of a marvelous move of God. We believe even greater things are yet to come. Sarah, we love ya & are so proud of you!

  11. Hey all–awesome stuff!! Keep being led by the spirit and God will continue to do great things!

    Matt Johnson

    PS: PLEASE keep Rachel Niffen out of trouble!

  12. Drake,
    WOW! It looks like you are having a great time. I love seeing you “praying and whatnot” at church! Wanted you to know that the Cubs are doing terribly—sorry to report this. However, I feel things are about to improve. Anyway, see you when you get home.
    Love you,

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