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YOM Sightseeing Day

In a word – awesome! Today was the designated sightseeing day for the YOM trip to Nicaragua.

Before we left the hotel, we were ministered to by Cecilia Thornton who gave a short devotion to the YOM team. We had a time of prayer and then we departed for a big day of sightseeing and fun.

Our first activity was the zip-line adventure over the jungle in the city of Managua. However, because of a meeting of Central American leaders to discuss the unrest in Honduras, federal police and military had blocked off the area of the city that our activity was located within. We were able to improvise and go to a different zip-line location in Granada. Each YOMer strapped on a harness and zip-lined 50+ feet above the ground through the jungle. It was a blast! Only the photos and personal stories can truly relate the fun we all had doing the zip-line adventure.

Next, the YOM team went out to lunch at a great “lookout point” over the jungle and a huge lake formed by a volcano. We ate a tasty meal and were entertained by a small local band that played some Nicaraguan music.

We then traveled to Lake Nicaragua (an enormous lake over 100 miles long and the only place in the world where there are freshwater sharks) and took a boat tour of the lake, bouncing between small islands formed by a volcanic eruption over 150 years ago. One of these islands was called “Monkey Island”, where monkeys jumped onto our boats and ate out of our hands. Once again, only the photos and personal stories can do justice to the Monkey Island and boat tour experiences. The scenery on the lake was beautiful beyond words.

When we left the lake, we headed back into Granada and visited a nice coffee shop where YOMers together enjoyed desserts and coffee. We went back to the hotel in Managua and chilled out, resting up for a very full day tomorrow.

Photos from this extraordinary day can be viewed at

  1. Loved the pictures! (& the monkey!) 🙂 Glad you were still able to do the zip-line. Sarah, Daniel wants to know if you saw any sharks. And let’s not tell your Grandma about the military & federal police…you know she’s already scared to death for you. 🙂 We’re thankful that God is blessing, protecting, & using each & every one of you. We’re also thankful you were able to have such an enjoyable day today.

  2. Brax, we’re so happy for you. You felt The Lord speaking to your heart, giving you direction and you obeyed. In many ways & through many people, Jesus provided; He always provides for His Will.
    For you and each one of your Brothers & Sisters in The Lord that are there with you, this mission trip will be another “Memorial” in your lives as part of your testimonies for the Kingdom of God and His glory!
    May EACH of you continue to walk in the blessings of ‘a servant for The King’… giving Him ALL the glory!
    Thank you District of Missouri for giving my son and the sons and daughters of so many, the opportunity to “GO” minister and be ministered to. Only eternity will reveal the full extent of the many lives that have been impacted by so few, because they have an Awesome God!!
    Hold tight… this is just the beginning!!!
    Love ya ‘kiddo’… Dad, Momma & B-Boys

  3. Bro & Sis Crider

    HERMANNites (past & present)

    You all will never know how proud we are of you all!! What an awsome experience you have been a part of! LIFE CHANGING.
    Bro Luke, THANK YOU so much for the sacrifice you have made to let our people be a part of something great! The time it takes you away from your beautiful family! I can only imagine what your rewards in heaven will be!! You are AWSOME!
    And of course I couldn’t sign off without a “special” word to Wes Strickland!! I’m so happy you got to meet some new “family members” same hair color and all!! I’m just wondering if you can swing from those trees like they were doing?? LOL (I still love you Wessie)
    And to my bestie, Felisha, Love ya girl and sure do miss ya!! What did you think about the news of your hubby? What a gift to come home tom huh?
    Em & Darrah!! Love you girls and cant wait to see and hear your stories!!

  4. Yomers, I can see you are having an amazing trip. So many wonderful experiences. I miss you Seneatha. Can’t wait to hear all your stories.

    Love, Mom

  5. Vickie Godbey

    Amanda looks like you are having an amazing time! I’m so glad you did the zip line. I was hoping for video though. Dustin thanks for keeping us posted everyday. It is such a blessing to be able to get on and read and see what is happening. Bro. Levine we could never thank you enough for the awesome experiences you are given these youth. Thanks so much for taking the time to let God use you in such a wonderful way. Thank you Sis. Levine to be willing to let him go. I know it is hard to be at home without him, but God will bless you both for your dedication to Him. Enjoy your last full day! We will be praying for your service tonight.
    We love and miss you Amanda, see you tomorrow evening!!

  6. Kerrie; We’ve been lookin’ at the pictures and we are so proud of you! We can’t wait for you to get home.
    We love you; Dad & Mom
    P.S. Braxton & Rachel… we’re proud of you too!
    Thank you so much Bro. Levine and the Missouri District for such an awesome experience for our kids!

  7. Grma, Aunt, Sis Darla

    HITs, Can’t wait to see you and hear all about it! Love ya’s.

  8. Hi,Amanda I am keeping up with your journey. And as I see you guys are having a blessed one, My prayers are with you all. Your work for God is awsome Love ya , Aunt Brenda from Ok…

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