Change Your World

MO-YOM Austria Day 6

Our day started off with the group hitting the ground running.  We skipped devotion and instead went straight into pre-service prayer.  The feeling of anticipation and excitement that filled the room was astounding.  When service began, we were led in worship by the local church members.  Bro.Levine then taught morning Sunday school.

When the first portion of the service ended, we took a quick break before heading into the second “half”.  Starting at 9:30 and ending about three hours later, our morning was filled with the power of God.  We saw several receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and then watched as those same people were baptized in Jesus name.

After service, we quickly changed out of our church clothes and headed for the train to Slovakia.  We had the chance to tour the city of Bratislava, Slovakia.  We took in the cities many wonders in awe.  After the trip, we headed back to Austria and enjoyed a couple hours of time together in the hotel’s lounge.

When our “party” ended, we quietly said our goodbyes to the Robinettes, then headed to our rooms to finish packing and get a couple hours of sleep.

Lives were touched today, and not only those of the city’s inhabitants.  We ourselves experienced a trip of a lifetime.  We’re already dreading saying our goodbyes tomorrow, but we’re also happy to be returning home to our friends and family.  This trip has been incredible for everyone involved, and we will never forget the impact it has made.